Editing in Lightroom and finishing in Photoshop

Hey guys, here are some thoughts i wanted to share.

I used to edit my images in Lightroom alone and don’t get me wrong, Lightroom is a very powerful tool, but lately i couldn’t do the finishing touches on my images so i got my self into using Photoshop more and more.

Photoshop offers some extremely powerful tools for photographers but needs a-lot of practice to get to a point you can use it seamlessly on your work flow.

The most used tool i get to use is Layer Masks and Luminosity selections.

Having the ability to make selective edits to your images is something you cannot do in Lightroom even with the latest addition of Range Masks.

The Dodge and Burn is a technique that you have to use to make your image pop and lead the viewer’s eye to where you want to!

There are several was you Dodge and Burn and i’ll share them over time with you.

For now here is what editing in Lightroom and finishing in Photoshop can look like.

Editing in Lightroom

Editing in Lightroom

Finishing in Photoshop

Finishing in Photoshop

If you are interested in a video tutorial about the techniques I used in photoshop, let me know in the comments below!