Time is the one thing that is unstoppable...

What we can do, is take advantage of every moment, freeze a frame, grab it and keep it!

My goal with every click is to capture the memory and preserve the moment, so you have the opportunity to recall that memory a few years later!

Valentinos Loucaides is a Fine Art Photographer based in Nicosia, Cyprus.
He studied at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the National Technical University of Athens. This gave him the opportunity to develop a deep understanding of the core of an image, it’s just a simple mathematic table...
The passion for photography was always there but there was that moment that gave it a bump.

So, since he already knew how to study and learn, he started to teach himself photography day after day, starting from the very basics.

Fast forward a decade later and after endless reading and practicing, he came to be at the level he is today. Studying, learning and practicing is still a part of his daily routine and will never stop!

The art of photography grew into a passion!
— vL



Nicosia, Cyprus


+357 99 497279



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